visual artist and electronic musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
exploring the realm between reality and dreams, in the midst of weightlessly floating in water and the cacophony of information overload.

1/2 of aguja
cofounder of unun

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sfffj (at) proton (dot) me






selected things


nudos ep - astrosuka + sofja

web development::


[2022] Electric Psychedelia - Vellum (Los Angeles, USA)

[2022] In Transit - Public Works Administration (New York, USA)

[2020] Leccion de Anatomia - TRRUENO x Underground Flower (Buenos Aires, ARG)

#vivas mutant collective & collaborative sound bank focused on transfeminist sound manifestations::

[2019] Festival Estéticas Expandidas (Pasto, COL) ∙ "Territorio de Afinidades Sónicas", video & interactive visualization of #vivas soundbank using audiostellar
[2019] Laboratorio de Interactividad Corporal (LIC) ∙ Iberescena + cheLa + UCLA REMAP residency ∙ OpenPTrack body-tracked sonic-sensorial instrument development & performance
[2018] +CODE ∙ "The role of communities in reconfiguring contexts", lecture w/Aaron Montoya-Moraga & Lolo Armdz [2018] Byte Footage ∙ "Estrategias de supervivencia", Lab